Career Profile

Hello I'm Peter Stanke, 24 years old from a town near Frankfurt/Main in Germany. Currently I am working for as Data Center IT technician. I started my career as Electrician, but since I liked the whole IT stuff I did in my freetime I switched to an IT job.

If you have enquiries you can contact me on several ways - check the right sidebar.


Data Center IT technician

2018 - Present, Limburg (Germany)
  • Installation and configuration of servers and IT equipment in the data center
  • Cabling and documentation of the network infrastructure
  • Monitoring and repair of the server hardware
  • Continuous maintenance and quality inspection
  • Monitoring and incident management
  • Support of other departments in the construction of the infrastructure
  • Maintenance of the documentation


2014 - 2018
Saalfrank Elektrobau, Wiesbaden (Germany)
  • Planning, installation and maintenance of electrical systems according to VDE 0100
  • Find and fix errors in existing systems
  • Planning, installation and maintenance of IT networks


Freifunk - (German for: "free radio") is a non-commercial open grassroots initiative to support free computer networks in the German region. The main goals of Freifunk are to build a network that is decentralized, owned by those who run it and to support local communication.
UNOBot - An IRC bot written in Python. Can be found on the Rizon IRC Network


Operating Systems

  • Windows (Desktop/Server)
  • Linux (Desktop/Server)
  • VMWare ESXi


  • VMWare Workstation
  • Docker
  • Zabbix
  • Icinga2
  • Grafana


  • VMWare ESXi/vCenter
  • KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)


  • OPNSense
  • pfSense
  • IPFire